What is Piantando?

We are a young reality, born from an idea of Andrea Evangelista and Chiara Riente. We sell plants to which a charity initiative is connected, each plant purchased is equal to a unique and certified donation.
The initiatives we support respect the values of the Piantando Value Chain and deal with: environmental, social and biodiversity conservation.

The rest of our story is still unknown, but you can help us in our journey!

Our mission

We want let everyone save the world in their little.
We’ve got to do this big.


Developing Collective Consciousness

If you buy on Piantando you don’t just buy a plant, you can contribute concretely to a better world.


Educate to a Green Life

Plants are the symbol that change is a sprout to be cultivated with small daily gestures. Let us grow the seed of change within each of us.


Supporting valuable projects

We want to support initiatives that have a positive impact on the planet and on those who live it. The actions carried out must be unique, certified and demonstrable.


Broaden responsibilities

We want to allow everyone to support projects that are most dear to them regarding land, water, climate, community and biodiversity.

Tell us your thoughts

We are all passionate about the world and about its beauty.

We are constantly looking for open minded people that believe in changes and that relate to our cause.



Let’s change together?

With every purchased plant, you will participate in helping the planet by directly contributing to a cause of your choosing.

Let’s join our efforts and make a difference together!

Delivered plants


Project supported

Contact us

Write us to receive additional info about the project, ask us about collaborations, or simply getting to know each other. We are looking forward to respond you!

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