Succulent Trio


With this plant you can contribute to project of reforestation of Patagonia.

You will receive:
– 3 assorted succulents in vase plant (Ø 7cm) delivered in shockproof packaging
– Tree certification from Fundación Reforestemos
– An how-to small guide to take care of your plant

Tempi di consegna:
5 business days (we don’t want the plant to get hurt!)

Payment method:
Paypal, credit card, bank transfer






Succulent plants, are known for their capacity to store large quantities water. They have modified their cellular structure in order to survive in harsh and hostile environment, thus they require very little maintenance.
Their photosynthetic mechanism is peculiar, different from other plants as they open their pores during the night to gather CO2.

Furthermore succulents absorb pollutants such as: sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide formaldehyde, different solvents and particulates (PM10). Their metabolism confine these pollutants in specialized cells, without any harm for the plant wellness.
Thanks to this mechanism they strongly enhance the quality of the air we breathe around them.


How to take care

Prefers bright direct light to full sun.
Warm temperatures between 13 and 30 degrees.
Think of a desert.
About every 2-3 weeks, when soil is completely dry and leaves start to wrinkle.
Nourishment should be provided regularly and moderately during the spring / summer period: an excess of fertilizer is more harmful than its absence.