Árbol de Jade


With this plant you can contribute to project of reforestation of Patagonia.

You will receive:
– In vase plant (Ø 10cm) delivered in shockproof packaging
– Tree certification from Fundación Reforestemos
– An how-to small guide to take care of your plant

Delivery times:
5 business days (we don’t want the plant to get hurt!)

Payment method:
Paypal, credit card, bank transfer.

Shipping only to Italy.






Jade plant is a succulent native of South Africa from the family Crassulaceae.

The jade plant is extremely popular and widespread. It’s easy to grow and in the right conditions yields a very rich and decorative flowering. The leaves are oval, light green and thick, seldomly with redish edges.

In China, the jade plant is considered a symbol of good fortune, commonly named as money plant because it is believed to bring prosperity, fortune and wealth.

How to take care

Informazioni aggiuntive

Dimensioni 24 × 20 × 16 cm