A nature reserve created by Piantando for you, for Italy, for the Planet.

We are creating a nature reserve in Abruzzo, redeveloping an area at risk of fires, runoff and drought.


We have identified an area at risk and we have studied a recovery plan.


Through Piantando we finance the entire activity, from the feasibility study to operational activities, from planting to monitoring over the years.


We recover the area by creating a protected reserve for the community by planting trees.


We analyze the data to monitor the real impact generated by the activity.

A new forest, a new home

SILVA Project originates in an area identified at risk by the Italian Ministry of the Environment.

We plant oaks, beeches and other native trees
of Abruzzo to preserve an ecosystem at risk of desertification and runoff, in an area previously used for intensive agriculture.

We use satellite and sensor data in the field to control the project and monitor its progress.

  • We analyze data such as forestation, vegetation and water quality index to actively measure the impact of the activity
  • We create a synoptic over time to study the natural course of the field after planting activities
  • We measure analytically the impact generated

A forest that is always connected, for everyone

We have installed in the field a video-control system, always connected and visible to all, which transmits images in real time at each update, to monitor the evolution of the project, spot small animals that populate area and intervene in case of problems.

The protagonists of the project

The environmental characteristic of the area is the presence of Downy oak , a spontaneous natural element of the area, typical of the whole Abruzzo Apennine hilly belt that once extended also in the areas currently covered by various crops, inhabited centers and from meadows and pastures.
Other characteristic tree species are the rowan, the cherry tree, the field elm and the robinia.

Foxes, fawns, robins, great tits and many others : they are the inhabitants of the nature reserve, the real judges of our project.

Planting trees selected by nature, rather than by man, means protecting biodiversity and the life of thousands of species that have their homes in this area.

Activity timeline


Acquisition of the land and start of the first preparation operations: sod overturning, cleaning


Planning of planting activities and integration of projects to protect biodiversity


Activities completed! Monitoring and evaluation of project expansion on adjacent land already available

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Where we are?

SILVA Project is located in Abruzzo, in the municipality of Tollo, inside the Valle del Foro: a protected natural area on the slopes of Mount Majella.